ManuLoc® Rhizo Long Wrist Brace ManuLoc® Rhizo Long Wrist Brace
ManuLoc® Rhizo Long Wrist Brace ManuLoc® Rhizo Long Wrist Brace

ManuLoc® Rhizo Long Wrist Brace


Orthosis for increased stabilization of the wrist and thumb

The ManuLoc Rhizo long is a longer version of the hand and thumb orthosis ManuLoc Rhizo. It stabilizes the wrist, thumb, and large parts of the forearm, helping to relieve severe pain caused by irritation, combined injuries, or surgery. This long stabilizing orthosis also supports treatment provided over several stages, as the thumb support can initially be loosened and then completely removed later on as the patient’s recovery progresses.
  • Stabilizes the wrist, thumb, and parts of the forearm
  • The mobility of the thumb can be adjusted as treatment requires
  • Easy to put on with one hand

The ManuLoc Rhizo long stabilizes not only the wrist and the thumb carpometacarpal and basal joints, but large parts of the forearm too. This extensive immobilization guarantees a high degree of stability, ensuring that all wrist and thumb movements are restricted. For secure, gradual mobilization, the thumb support on the orthosis can first of all be loosened with the help of a Velcro tab, allowing the wearer to practice movements involving the upper thumb basal joint, such as pinch gripping. As treatment progresses successfully, the thumb support can be removed completely, enabling grasping movements while the wrist is still secured.


The long orthosis is easy to put on and take off with one hand. Four large fastenings allow it to be opened up completely lengthwise, while straps with retraction stop devices are used to close it again quickly and securely. The integrated stays and the aluminum frame in the thumb support can be shaped to ensure that the orthosis fits like a glove. The thumb support itself can also be individually positioned. The ManuLoc Rhizo long is comfortable to wear, thanks to its breathable material with additional air holes, its flat design, and its light weight.


  • Combined injuries of the wrist and thumb
  • Post-operative follow-up care for fractures of the radial carpus and metacarpus
  • Radial tenosynovitis
  • Severe osteoarthritis of the thumb
  • Post-traumatic treatment
  • Pre-operative care